Kamar Ki Naap new episode of Charmsukh full trailer feat. Sharanya Jit Kaur and Aayushi Jaiswal – full trailer, release date and more

Charmsukh new episode Kamar Ki Naap trailer | photo : youtube

Ullu app popular web series Charmsukh new episode titled ‘Kamar Ki Naap’ trailer came out, in which 2 hot and bold actresses Sharanya Jit Kaur, and Aayushi Jaiswal are featured. The story is about of newlywed bride who is learning the skills of tailoring on the other hand her husband seeks help from a professional tailor as tailor named Chinki. The story begins when the bride and Chinki encounter sexual and are caught by her husband. To see ‘what happened next?’ don’t forget to watch out on 15 October on the official Ullu app.

Watch out for the trailer of Kamar Ki Naap new episode of Charmsukh.